Splib Media  is a social media leveraging and marketing agency based out of Allentown, Pennsylvania. We service customers like you by being a social catalyst. Our services help boost your brand, service, or product’s social presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
Our extremely fast turnaround rate is vital to expanding your social presence on Facebook. Whether you are expanding the number of likes to prepare for a large event or simply to impress others, we have the tools necessary to rapidly increase your facebook likes count. Delivery time varies due to size of campaign. Some campaigns finalize in just 2 days from date of purchase.

We guarantee the delivery of facebook likes to your fan page in full compliance with Facebook’s guidelines. This means that your fan page will not be at risk through use of our service. Our service is completely confidential so your clients and competitors do not know about your marketing techniques. We do not require your account credentials or admin access for completion of your campaign.
Level the playing field by using our innovative marketing approach. Our service helps you obtain an edge over your competition by establishing social prestige. Our service is guaranteed to help your fan page come off more credible and established.

Kick start your fan page with more facebook likes and rank well for niche related keywords. This also makes your fan page more visible to your target audience. It’s a known fact that Facebook ranks fan pages according to its likes count.

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