How do Facebook fans help my business?

Marketing on Facebook is a great way for companies, brands, and icons to get in touch with the consumers. Facebook is the elite social platform that allows consumers to share ideas with companies that want to improve and build a strong connection with customers. Having a fan page shows that you care about your company reputation.

Obtaining a social presence on Facebook adds a viral presence to your identity. When consumers see you have a large “likes” count, they assume you are established. Having a populated fan page also displays your “popularity” among the market. This can be the additional edge over your competition and allow your consumers to trust in your product or service.

Facebook is the world’s number one social platform, and big brands like Coca Cola and McDonald’s are rushing to build large followings of Facebook Fans. Why? Because research shows that each individual Facebook Fan can be worth as much as $136.38 in sales! And with each Fan costing as little as $0.05, that’s a massive return on investment!

Facebook Fans = Sales!
But getting your piece of the Facebook gold rush is not easy. Doing it on your own can take a lot of time and effort. And “buying fans” from fly-by-night online suppliers will often result in empty promises and an empty wallet.

Getting a large Facebook Fan base will give you instant social credibility and prestige, blasting you miles ahead of your competition.

According to a recent study*, 90% of people trust the recommendations of their Facebook Friends.

These recommendations can be explicit, like “hey, check this out!” But more often, they are the result of Friends seeing other Friends’ “LIKED” companies, comments and other Facebook activity.

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