Why the Facebook Like Button Is Important for Your Facebook Profile


Do you know how the Facebook like button can actually help you to promote your business, products and services online? There are millions of people who use Facebook on a daily basis and most people have a business fan page which they use to attract the existing users of Facebook.

The fan page itself can be used to in divert the traffic to your website and increase the sales for your product or service. The Facebook like button can help to drive huge amounts of traffic to your website as well as help you to get more Facebook fans.

You can install the Facebook like button to your website simply by copying the pre made code on your website. When someone then visits your website, they may click on this pre-made button and this will not only help you get more Facebook fans, but it will also automatically let all their friends on Facebook know that they like your website.

Therefore adding a pre made Facebook like button to your website increases the popularity and reputation of your website online. After they have click on the button, they are automatically redirected to their Facebook account and when they log in a story will be posted on the profile of that person that he/she liked your website. Then, his/her fans also are able to know about your website which may help you get more Facebook fans.

Installing the code of Facebook button on your website, blogs, videos and articles will increase Facebook likes and your fan page will grow rapidly. You should make a fan page which grabs the visitors attention, keeps them interested and makes them want to know more information about your business.

Whosoever, come to your site likely to be your fan through this small button and those who visit your profile might come to

Facebook has is currently ranked 2 after Google as per the Alexa traffic rank and it has more than 500 million users. It is become a familiar, trustworth and secure among its users.

This small Facebook like button is free to use and you don’t even need to have a Facebook account to add the button to your website.

Therefore it is vital that you use Facebook to get more fans and grown your business.