In 60 seconds, you can stop worrying about having little to no likes on your fan page

How we can help:
This service will populate your Facebook fan page with likes from REAL Facebook users from around the world. Give your Facebook marketing campaign a jump start by having your fan page liked by real users. A large likes count will bring on more engagement for your Facebook fan page and also give potential customers another reason to jump on board.

How do we do it?
We operate a large network of Facebook users from all over the world who get paid a commission to do certain activities such as follow Facebook profiles, like fan pages, and vote in Facebook contests.

Features of Our Service:

  • Facebook Compliant Marketing
  • High Quality Human Marketing
  • Safe and Effective
  • No Admin Access Needed
  • 100% Guaranteed Results





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Guaranteed Fans/Likes 10,000 Fans/Likes Any
Completion Time (average) 7-14 days Any
Facebook Compliant Marketing
Likes Retention Guarantee
No Admin Needed
Human Marketing
100% Guaranteed Results

**Note: Enter your Facebook Fan Page URL during checkout. You can also send it to us using the contact form.**

Introducing our new Blazing Fast Bulk Orders service. This service allows for the addition of a large amount of Facebook likes to your fan page in a very short period of time (we’re talking within a few days). Each order can only accommodate one fan page. This service is a great way to skyrocket the likes count on your fan page in a small time frame. Great for musicians and businesses looking to obtain a huge fan base quick.









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Guaranteed Fans/Likes 50,000 likes 100,000 likes 200,000 likes
Completion Time (average) 2 Days 2 Days 2-6 Days
Facebook Compliant Marketing
No Admin Needed
Human Marketing
100% Guaranteed Results

**Please contact us to set up a “blazing fast bulk order” using our contact form.**

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