Beginners to social media often believe that if they build a facebook fan page, they (fans) will come. This is a very common misconception surrounding the hype of social media. People often throw stats around like 500 million active facebook users and growing. Although these stats are true, beginners often apply market potential to the creation of a facebook fan page.

Truth is, fans will not come to your fan page unless there is a reason to do so. Such as being a fan of your product or service, winning a contest, friends suggestions, freebies, and other added extras. This is all about giving the fans or potential fan some value to become a fan of your fan page. I know many companies use the coupon technique to attract fans. This strategy has its pros and cons. One positive is that the fans obtained understand the product or service you have to offer and was just marketed to by your strategy. They literally just bought into what you have to offer, but have not invested in your product or service yet. The negative side effect to this is that the fans accumulate very slowly, unless you are well known are already. This can also be costly in designing an attractive welcome page to convince people to like your page.

Luckily, our service takes the trouble out of all of this. Whether you have an attractive facebook fan page or not, we’ll guarantee our ability in getting you fans. Our fans gives your fan page a running start to becoming viral and attracting more fans. Having a solid fan base gives you credibility in attracting more fans. Think of it like a popularity contest. Why does everyone want to buy an ipod instead of a zune? Because apple has a larger following in the mp3 arena versus microsoft. Even though microsoft Zune has more features than the ipod this proves true. This rule applies to facebook fan pages. When people see “0 people like this” on the side bar, they will not be willing to like it. Why should they? No one else likes it.

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